Friday, April 25, 2014

Favourite Fashion Blogger!

Hey, fashionista!

I'm back to give you some information about my favourite fashion blogger especially from UK!

Let scroll down and .....
Let's take a look!

                                                          1. LEANNE-LIM WALKER

This girl is so amazing. She is a photographer too. The first thing that amazed me is her hair! I love the pinky style! I kinda obsessed with her style! You should check her blog >>

                                                             2. AMY VALENTINE

Well, what i like about her is........ everything! She got that hair, body, face, style, and hair! Okay, i have to admit that i really love pink hairrrr.... You can get to know her close here >>

                                                       3. JACQUELINE BOULTON

She don't have pinky hair, but she got my heart. She always look stylist and amazing in every single photoshoot. She's a photographer too! go to her blog >> and her website >>

Okay, this 3 talented people is my favourite fblogger that inspired my fashion! So, if you have another inspired fashion blogger, how about tell me with comment bellow? Because I need to know you more fellas!

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