Monday, November 3, 2014


What a great time to start your month with a new outfit, huh?
Woohoo..... College becoming so rude to me this earlier, BUT i have to entertain myself with some new stuff.....
And I'm so excited when i saw a new competition from MISS REBEL when I opened The Competition is you have to make a blogpost, a miss rebel wish list so you can have a chance to win £250 to spend on the site.....

Now, I'm gonna show you guys my wishlist from MISS REBEL
For your information, MISS REBEL is a fashion company located in UK that will bring you to the latest trends style in the world. MISS REBEL is the perfect place to find the coolest fashion clothes and accessories with a good quality and a cool price.

So, Christmas is on it way... My Wish List is going to be sooo WINTER.....
Here is my favourite things that i just found on MISS REBEL


The classic pattern is so awesome for this winter..... It's really awesome for you to keep stylist on this cold weather with this amazing coat.


 Little black dress would steal everyone eyes. Chiffon Hem Slip Dress is so stylist and perfect stuff to put on your beautiful body. Don't worry, do you think it's not gonna working on this cold weather? You're totally wrong..... How about to put a blazer on top and.... the thing is you can find 'em on This one is my fav :

Just imagine when you put this white  blazer with that little black dress..... I think we have same answer..... TOTALLY YESSSSS


Trousers never die..... This comfy animal print relax trousers would be so awesome for a lazy day. Even..... there's no words "LAZY" in fashionista's dictionary. lol

Red tartan is being so wild this year..... We love everything that have tartan pattern..... So elegant, stylist, trendy but keep WILD AND ROCKS!!!!!

So many stuff that i love from I wish i could post 'em all but my post will never done because that's too much.....
SOOOOO..... What are you waiting for ladies? Go now to this perfect site : and grab your fav items with a special price. And don't forget to follow them here to get the latest update about fashion and so much more :
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